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In a nutshell

A unique personal savings service that ensures you always achieve the best rates, in the right accounts for your savings needs.

Only £85,000 can be protected under any one FSCS licence therefore savings in excess of this will be at risk. Our service can ensure your money is fully protected by compensation schemes while ALWAYS earning the most competitive rates of interest from the whole of the UK savings market.


  • Earn extra interest without the hassle.
  • Peace of mind as your money is always in the best rates and protected by compensation schemes.
  • Annual fee of 0.2%, subject to a minimum of £295. Implementation fee of 0.1%.
  • Complete satisfaction guaranteed!
  • Enquire now for a free no obligation consultation and personal savings review.

What our clients say

After using the Rate Tracker Concierge Service, Mrs H from Berkshire says; “SavingsChampion's Concierge Service has been a boon in setting up a host of new accounts They take away the ghastly business of working out the best savings deals; they do as much of the paperwork as possible: and they just get things done. Best of all, you always get to talk to a human being and she's always cheerful!”

Ms B from London says "The extra interest will pay the fee five times over – and my money is more secure now – what a great service”

Mr E from Norfolk says; “a highly professional service offering clarity and support in the less-than-easy world of choosing places to deposit surplus funds”

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