Why Savings Champion

Why Savings Champion?

We (Sue Hannums and Anna Bowes) set up this business to fill a big gap in the finance market – namely advice on where to put your savings. Many advisers either don’t advise on cash (savings) products, or they do it in a sporadic and ad hoc way, often dependent on what they can find online at a particular point in time. Considering advisers advocate that everyone needs to keep some money in easily accessible savings for emergencies, this is shocking.

We conducted detailed research into websites that offer comparisons of savings rates and many of these sites are often compromised, incomplete, difficult to navigate or all of the above - and quite simply are not specialists in savings. In addition, there is very little opportunity to speak to an expert, to get some personal guidance on the best type of savings account, or the best savings account rates.

Why is Savings Champion different?

Our website is dedicated to savers and savings accounts. We wanted to produce a straightforward, straight talking savings site that is totally independent, looks at the whole of the market, and offers the following benefits;

Best Buy tables


Our Best Buy Tables show the best five savings accounts in eight different categories, such as Easy Access Accounts and Variable Rate ISAs. Anna & Sue (human beings!) compile these tables, rather than simply being picked by a computer. We check to determine if the accounts are actually what they appear to be, and therefore whether they should appear on the Best Buy tables. For example, we may choose to not include an easy access account that only allows one withdrawal. This is a completely independent, uncompromised process.  Some sites appear to be only displaying accounts where they are paid a commission; we guarantee our tables are compiled only on the merits of the account offering alone. 

One Minute Health Check


This provides the opportunity to give your savings account an MOT – tell us the name of the account and we’ll let you know instantly what interest rate you are currently earning, whether something better is available and even tell you how much extra interest you could earn. At this stage, the results will indicate the gross rate and/or AER rate of both the savings account you currently hold and the current Best Buy account that is open to new customers. We'd recommend you then click through to the full Best Buy tables before making any decisions, so that you can read more information about the account shown and decide whether it's appropriate for you.

Rate Tracker


Once we’ve provided you with the comparison between the interest rate your current savings account is offering, and the most appropriate Best Buy savings account, we can then track your savings accounts - to let you know if there are any changes on the savings account you hold and to inform you if, or when, something better comes along. We are confident that Rate Tracker is unique and could help to revolutionise the way you save.

Telephone Based Help


If you are still confused, you can ring us - 0800 321 3581 - and ask for help. We will then be able to direct you to the most appropriate part of the website, give you some guidance on the type of savings accounts that may be the most appropriate for you, or offer you contact with an IFA if you need advice about anything other than savings accounts.

Online Help


To help either finding the most appropriate type of savings account, or to arrange to speak to an IFA, if savings alone appear to be too restrictive a vehicle for protecting your wealth, you can use the contact form at the top of the page.

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